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by Shobha Hegde
steaming vegetable

It is not just boiling makes vegatable to cook we have to preserve nutrients while cooking

Cooking vegetables are over a dozen different ways. Methods such as boil, simmer, saute, stir-fry, and steaming. All steamer-for-cooking-vegetablevegetables differ in taste and flavors. Some may taste better roasted or others are best grilled.
  • Boiling, simmering vegetables lose water-soluble vitamins and nutrients. It is a quick and easy process of cooking to get crisp, bright veggies.
  • Sauteing and stir-frying is a fast method of cooking. Improves Absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, decreases the amount of vitamin C in vegetables.
  • Steaming is one of the best ways of cooking. It preserves nutrients.

Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.

The key to boiling veggies is to use the least time in the boiling water. I prefer steaming. vegetables should not be over steamed, left a little crunchy( less than 10 minutes). Steam, garlic, onions, and herbs added to water to impart a delicate or pungent flavor to the veggies.
A small quantity of water recommended in the steamer to use the water and not throw it away.
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