Homemade Multipurpose Citrus Enzyme Cleaner

by Shobha Hegde
Citrus Bioenzyme

 Natural, environmentally-friendly, and non-toxic. Utilized out of kitchen scraps! Two cleaners in one! A liquid spray, plus a powerful baking soda scrub. Effective and worthy!

A variety or mixture of citrus peels makes your homemade enzyme cleaner, including lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange. It’s important to use fresh citrus peels that aren’t dried out or rotting. Dried peels won’t contain enough citrus oil for cleaning, and rotten ones will cause the mixture to mould.

Citrus Enzymes are powerful all-purpose cleaners that can be used safely on most surfaces, including metal and glass. These My 2020 year in reviewcleaners contain enzymes and bacteria, so they’re ideal for removing stains and odours. The citrus enzyme can be made at home with a few simple ingredients, but the cleaner will need a couple of weeks to ferment before it’s ready to use.

Useful methods of using an enzyme cleaner

  • Greasy Kitchen counter-top
  • Greasy kitchen surfaces.Wet old rags with diluted enzyme and wipe. 
  • The baking soda and citrus enzyme combination not only makes the sink clean as a whistle but so clean and fresh.  
  • Stove hood filter – Soak the filters in water+a couple squirts dish soap and enzyme for 1/2 hour. Wash with brush or sponge, rinse and dry. If you can’t soak it, liberally spray the greasy filters with diluted enzyme+dish soap and let sit for 1/2 hour. Rinse. Repeat if the filters are still greasy.
    • Car windshield (oily residue) – Wet old rags with diluted enzyme and wipe.
    • Dirty and greasy wiping cloth/rag – in a bowl, mix diluted enzyme and a few drops of dish soap and soak the cloth/rags. Rinse and dry.
  • Dishes and laundry- ¼ cup of the enzyme in the machine.
    • Floor – add 1: 15 enzyme to water (roughly one cup to one gallon). Mop the floor. No rinse necessary. Add a squirt of any multipurpose cleaner if the floor is greasy.
    • Mirrors or glass windows – spray diluted enzyme onto mirrors and wipe with a paper towel or newspaper. The Banana and Beetroot Puddingresult is a clean and streak-free mirror.
    • Pink mould (e.g. on tubs, countertops, tiled walls.. etc.) –  Spray diluted enzyme (1: 10), let sit for a couple of minutes, scrub and rinse wipe away for pink mould on tile grout.
    • Vegetables or fruit – Add 1:15 enzyme to water to wash vegetables and fruit (especially non-organic ones). Rinse. Alternatively, spray diluted enzyme on fruit, rub gently and rinse.
    • Laundry – Add 1/2 – 1 cup of the undiluted enzyme (depending on the size of the load) along with your detergent during the wash cycle. It helps break down dirt and stains.
    • Plants: mildew or insects – add 1: 10 enzyme to water in a spray bottle and spray the plant once a month (for as long as the mildew and insects exist).
    •  Fertilizer – add 1: 20 enzyme to water. Water once every fortnight (2 weeks).

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