9th Grand Nursery Mela, Peoples Plaza Hyderabad

by Shobha Hegde
9th Grand Nursery Mela

Grand Nursery Mela, People’s Plaza, Hyderabad, “Let’s get Together and Make Hyderabad Bloom”

The Telangana Event Organizers(TEO)  is organizing the 9th Grand Nursery Mela. One roof, One-stop solution for all Gardeners, plant lovers, and nature lovers. A nursery Mela for all the Hyderabadi’s. Five-day grand event from 28th January to 1st February held at People’s Plaza, Necklace Road. It is held all over India since 2015.

I visit every year to see the greenery and get a new variety of plants. Learn new methods and update on new trends of growing plants. The show will be moving from morning till night. Nearly 100 -120 stalls. All

Microgreen tray

nurseries come from different states and display various flowers, fruit, bulbs, saplings, seeds, seedlings, organic fertilizer, pots, and grow bags. Different methods of growing plants hydroponics, aquaponics, bonsai, farmhouse, and terrace gardening are available.

All the craving for plants is fulfilled. Even common people can get to know how to do gardening if they attend this grand event. Garden enthusiasts can learn new gardening methods: trending and easy methods with available space to grow your own food. Earlier one would grow in open land. Now we hardly find open space in the city limits, due to space constraints and lack of openness. Everyone loves a great garden. The urban living grows their own food into the home. Nature very close to them. The modern trend, People are converting spaces of their homes into beautiful gardens. It is beneficial and informative for people in the city since it is accessible to all with the best means of transport to commute.

Gardening is not limited. It has a vast area to learn, execute and expertise.

My personal experience past 2 years of this event. The main motto and aim behind this event.

  • Awareness of different species of plants.
  • Educate farmers on the latest technologies and growing organic food without harmful pesticides, fertilizers etc.
  • A platform for people who wish to start a setup at home.
  • Awareness and guidance about garden accessories, material and irrigation systems.
  • Soil and soilless growing of vegetables.

shobha-hegde-fermentation-stationThe other areas covered in the event are medicinal plants, bonsai, miniature gardening, and various bulbs and seeds. This year’s highlight among all stalls was carved chrysanthemums. Mesmerizing and catch the eyes of visitors in the mela.  Only at this mela we get saplings of seasonal veggies and flowers at a reasonable price.

Suppose one feels tired and exhausted after a long tour of plants. There will be organic ingredients and stalls too. The best part is that a beautiful lake and greenery surround the event. One can relax and spend time in the park provided for the public. You can get a beautiful scenic view of the city.

One day tour and a few hours of your precious time are worth a visit!

Tips for first-timers:

  • Do not attend the first-day first show of the event, my first experience past years many stalls are not ready.
  • Do not buy as and when you see. So many stalls, so many varieties of plants and different price
  • First, take around the note and jotted down (Physical or mental). It may sound silly, but it helped me a lot.
  • If you are a passionate gardener like me, do not forget to ask for a business card or browsers. It helped for my future reference.
  • You have a lot of option to buy seedlings. Cheap, all you need to take care of in transit to your home other than that they are .excellent
  • If you never attended Mela, a gardener and could not attend this time, do not forget to attend next time without fail. You are missing something in life being in the same city 🙂
  • Do not buy Fertilizer; Pesticides etc. prepare them at home.
  • You have good and informative stalls to teach you like composting, try to learn, and get awareness.

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