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My Green Apron (MGA)

Welcome to My Green Apron!
Indian by birth. I am a born cook. My mom is the role model in my Kitchen.  I have grown and seen mom cooking for family. My childhood, teenage and adolescent . Leisure I help her in seeping,cutting vegetables, cleaning vessels . 99% of Indian women start in  this path.  In the present modern era. The busy work schedule has forced women to find a short route to cook food and adopt fast food techniques. Majority of the the Indians are prone to Chronic diseases due to unhygienic ,unhealthy lifestyle food habits . In India by region, cook South and North Indian cuisine or both. Our main goal of nourishment to energy and protein from the food we intake comes from Kitchen. Enhance resistance against chronic diseases with some nutrition food and lifestyle changes. The busy lifestyle we lead today, preference of food intake is not considered. What are the consequences we are going to face in the future. Earlier days diseases were very few but nowadays there is no house without a disease. 2020 has created a revolution in each individual mind . There is revolution in the world. It’s the right time to change our busy unhygienic and unhealthy lifestyle food habits to avoid lifelong medication, doctor’s bills and hospitalization.

Don’t talk of peace and love when you have a dead animal on your plate


Well before I start let me say the reason behind creating a blog MY GREEN APRON . I am a nature lover. I loved growing and seeing my own herbs, vegetables in my balcony . Window sills fascinated me the interest in cooking . I choose My Green Apron which not only talks about cooking but also sustainable living. Green not only represents lush green garden but manage food without cruelty and blood. A green home is friendly , manages waste while and after cooking. We can’t blame the government and municipality who handles our own waste but we are the source of it. I don’t trash my kitchen waste but convert them to “Black Gold” by creating home compost. To make the best out of waste from my Kitchen. I am happy to take control of waste management to make my home and my kitchen sustainable!

The vision of  MGA is all about how a single family can have another green apron in your house like us.

Yes MGA is all about managing culinary in a better way. It’s all done in Kitchen? cook and serve the family. Maintain hygiene and cleanliness to serve the public in common.

Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colours, there are only so many flavours – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.

Wolfgang Puck

About the Blogger

Cutting Chome made cake

Yes, Everyone must be wondering who the author is? After reading my blog. Why the blog named as Green Apron? why not my favorite colour pink, Blue etc?.
I am Shobha born  and brought up in Bengaluru, settled in Hyderabad City. Commerce graduate. Worked in few companies in the field of accounts. After marriage, I moved to Chennai and now settled in Hyderabad with my family.
I have been into Gardening, Cooking, Fermented food, etc for almost a decade. 2020 is year of pandemic , I wanted to use this lock-down to be a fruitful one to explore many things. Choose to  write about gearing towards things that I care about. I wish to inspire and better to lead a sustainable, minimalist way and always keep on improving it.

Being a vegetarian and switching over to the Plant Base Whole Food lifestyle was slightly difficult which was my presumption thinking that I could not eat anymore dairy products like ghee, cheese etc and relish all the delicious dishes without oil but I was totally wrong, a little bit of practice, and with few days of testing in my kitchen as well as on myself with the guidelines of vegan lifestyle followers changed myself to vegan . I have been fortunate to take my passion and monetize it. My understanding and learning this year. Adopting a plant-based lifestyle can reverse many chronic diseases particularly type II diabetes. If we change our perspective and live the way nature intended us to, these will resolve all the problems. Diabetes and other lifestyle diseases are hereditary. The myth of modern medicine. Reversing diabetes needs a shift in our thinking.
 Feel free to share your comments and feedback on my articles I will always respond to it.

let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food


Apart from normal cooking tips, recipes, etc, my blog is all about my journey on
  • how our food is our medicine
  • why we have not thought food is also our medicine
  • how can we become a better cook at home by
    • Knowing simple techniques in cooking
    • learn from chefs and use those simple tips in our cooking
  • how can we reduce waste generated in our kitchen
    • wet and dry waste management
    • waste management
  • How can we grow edible plants for our kitchen and our family

So journey MGA and post your comments and you surely get my reply for all the comments. and do not forget to say

Bon Appétit!

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